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Healthy oral hygiene is essential for overall physical health. That is why it is critical to teach your pre-teens and adolescents healthy habits from a young age. We are all taught early on in life that we are supposed to brush and floss our teeth two times each day. This is a good first step to learn, but it is also good to keep in mind other healthy habits like using a fluoride rinse and avoiding foods that are harmful to the teeth. 

When your son or daughter gets braces, there are even more healthy habits that should be taught in order to keep the braces and teeth as clean as possible. 

Healthy oral hygiene habits for kids with orthodontia: 

  1. Brush the teeth and floss regularly, especially after meals where food gets stuck in the braces or teeth
  2. Keep a to-go or travel bag with vital items for braces such as:
    • Plenty of extra rubber bands
    • A lot of wax
    • A toothbrush
    • Floss
    • Mouthwash 
    • Toothpaste 
  3. Avoid certain foods that are harmful to the braces or teeth
    • Hard or sticky candies like caramel
    • Popcorn 
    • Sugary foods 
    • Too much fruit at one time (eating a lot of fruit all at once contains a lot of sugar which can harm the teeth)
    • Hard or whole foods (it is easier to eat foods when they are cut up into smaller portions, and it is better for the teeth)

The possible effects of a lack of oral hygiene:

  1. Periodontitis
  2. Tooth decay 
  3. Yellowing of the teeth
  4. Possibility of needing dentures later in life

Good and bad habits can be lifelong, which is why it is so important to teach your child healthy habits at a young age, especially when they have braces that need extra care and attention. In order to avoid dental issues later in life, children need to learn to take regular care of their teeth from the beginning. 

If your child has never had an orthodontic evaluation, contact Dentist Marketer Green at Adam Green Dentistry Service for a consultation and treatment plan.



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