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It was joy for a single man from Leicester in the cost of the despairing Aston Villa lovers, what was his recipe for success, although as he won the # 250,000 jackpot prize of Super 6?
Ian Leggat out of Leicester landed the Super 6 jackpot, mostly due to Kevin Friend’s decision to penalize Jack Grealish for chalk-off and simulation Aston Villa equaliser from Crystal Palace, in part.
After Kurt Zouma’s own-goal meant Sheffield United drew 2-2 in Stamford Bridge, ian had predicted the six right scorelines heading into injury time.
He had depended upon a win for his home-town club Leicester over Bournemouth, a home win for a 1-1 draw between Newcastle and Watford Premier League champions City along with also a 2-0 win for West Ham to finish his weekend.
Two additional players accurately called all six scores, taking their Super 6 points overall to 30, but Ian also crucially had the sixth moment as his Golden Goal choice (if the first Super 6 goal will be scored), that was nearest to the next minute in which Kevin De Bruyne opened the scoring for Manchester City.
Ian signed up for Super 6 in March 2015 and it isn’t before the weekend he tasted Super 6 success. Below are three details that highlight Ian has done Through the Years with his 6 predictions, and three reasons why you should not Eliminate hope of landing the jackpot:
2015/16 Season:
Rounds entered: 45
Total points: 287
Score: 6.4
Finest score: 16
2016/17 Season:
Entered: 48
Total factors: 309
Average score: 6.4
Very best score: 16
2017/18 Season:
Entered: 55
Points: 354
Score: 6.4
Very best score: 17
2018/19 Season:
Entered: 51
Total factors: 390
Average score: 7.6
Finest score: 16
2019/20 Season:
Rounds entered: 5
Points: 38
Score: 7.6
Best score: 30
It demonstrates a nice illustration of how resilience can repay, but Ian Leggat succeeded, although it was not for the want of trying. His scores across the years highlight you do not need to be a world-beater to acquire Super 6, or both know your football.
The game if free-to-play and Ian, in this case has won #250,000 for choosing six predictions. On landing the prize why miss out?
Even though Super 6 yields this week using a #250,000 jackpot around, the week after, when the Premier League returns is a guaranteed #250,000 around, meaning that the highest points scorer is certain to win the jackpot, even whether they score 30 points. Play for free!
The Super 6 fixtures of saturday:
Coventry v Blackpool
Fleetwood v Oxford
Wycombe v Lincoln
Bradford v Northampton
Mansfield v Scunthorpe
Morecambe v Salford
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